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default Hotel 626 - Scariest game on the net

Post by Krzteli on Sat Jan 24, 2009 9:16 pm

If you want to try the scariest game on the net, play it at your own risk. Your webcam and sound system must be working. This game is only opened from 6pm to 6am. I dare you play this game if youre not a cry baby hahahah!!

If you're stuck in the game, dont worry, here's a game guide for you. BUT..just read it if you cant get out of a room or whatever. Dont spoil the game.

I asked permission to the original poster. In the link, there are spoilers. Dont click it if you dont want to cheat hehe!

Game - Level 1 - Only by confronting your darkest fears can you find the light.

is the easy part. Just watch. You donít actually have to do anything.
Itís an intro movie and itíll automatically take you to the next level.

Game - Level 2 - One is not like the Others.

Youíre moving down a long hallway with lots of doors.

Be quick on this level, because thereís a big dark ghostly thing waiting at the end of the hall to eat your face off.

Game - Level 3 - She Lives in Darkness. Show her the Light.

Creepy but fairly easy.

Thereís a girl walking around in here, and you have to take pics of her with the camera to pass.

Game - Level 4 - Just in Time.

the title of the level youíll have to be quick on the draw. Itís
another door clicking one like the hallway. This time youíre in a
stairwell and youíll start to go down it.

Game - Level 5 - Sing me a Lullaby.

is a great level. You have to play a music box in order to keep the
demon spawn hell child from waking up and eating your soul.

Bonus level inside this level! Get out of the childís room. You need to be quiet or youíll wake her up.

This can be a bit tricky but once you get a
hang for the weight of how much you need to move the mouse to keep it
in the middle, itís not too bad.

Game - Level 6 - Helpless.

Itís another movie segment like the first. You donít have to do anything but relax and watch. Easy huh?

Game - Level 7 - He knows the Way.

far one of the most difficult rooms to master. In order to get the hell
out of this creepy padded room with the insaniac inside, youíll have to
listen to the voices. Turn up your speakers a bit because itís hard to
hear what the madman is saying.

Enter the three number answer on the keypad to exit.

Game - Level 8 - Find Yourself a Way Out.

answer is right in the wording! Did you have your webcam on and allow
Hotel 626 to use it? If the answer is yes youíll be looking for a
polaroid picture of yourself hanging on the lines.

No webcam, or didnít allow Hotel 626 to use it? No problem. Youíll just be looking for a default picture. Click it to get out.

Game - Level 9 - Answer and youíll have the Answers.

On this stage you are given the option to input your phone number.

actually call you with a prerecorded message to give you the
instructions on how to get out. If you donít give them your number,
some guy will get angry and ask you why you didnít pick up and pout for
a second. Then heíll tell you he will help you out of the hotel.

Listen to the directions.

Congratulations, you have successfully left the creepy hotel.

Game - Level 10 - Your Check out time is Now.

Thereís nothing to do in this level except watch the cut scene.

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