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Post by REiKOMi on Fri Oct 09, 2009 11:11 pm


Name: REiKOMi.
Age: 18
Location: Pasig
Are u a Stafff in Other Site: Nope, but i'm a loyal member of them ;)
Any Experience: Hmmm.. I'm editing a layouts and also pics. :3
What Position You want 2 Apply? Cbox Moderator.
Why are u applying in this Position: I'm applying in this position (Cbox Mod.) because i'm always active in Cboxes~ And I think if i'm always active in cbox, I can see spamming and saying badwords etc. :) Goodluck to me
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Starter  Forumer

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Location : Sa bahay.
Job/hobbies : Watching Movies,Shows etc. and especially POSTING in Forums :3
Gfx Experience : Wala.
My Mood :
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Registration date : 2009-10-09

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